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Groups throughout the year



One-to-one Intervention

Centre-based, home-based and

school- based are available. Please fill out an intake form and our admin staff will contact you within 3 business days.

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Playdate Program

We provide playdate programs for learners who share similar learning goals.

Please contact your Behaviour Consultant if you are interested. If you are not a BK-family yet, please fill out an intake form and our admin staff will contact you.


Pre-school Readiness

This program focuses on preparing young children for preschool. 

Age: 3-5


Kids in Action

This program is designed to help young children with ASD learn how to take the appropriate ‘actions’ in a group setting. 

Age: 4-6


Walkie Talkie

This program is designed to assist early elementary learners with different social conflicts across settings and how to solve them.  

Age: 6-8


Intermediate Fun Club

Many school children with ASD struggle to understand why people do certain behavior and what people are thinking. This fun club teaches children social cues, perspective thinking, and how to handle bullies through games.

Age: 8-10

Summer Camps 2023

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Kids Entrepreneurs

Kids Entrepreneurs help young entrepreneurs achieve their big dreams by teaching them money concepts, social conversation skills, perspective-taking, and more. Through this program, the interventionists will naturally apply the ABA behavioral modification strategies in the activities. 

Age: 8-11


Kindergarten Readiness

Summer 2023

In this summer program, learners will be prepared for school readiness. Interacting in small groups, children will be able to practice taking turns, following instructions, participating in class discussions, and improving social teamwork skills. Lesson plans will be created to enhance the practice of these skills and help children get used to the routine of a school day in September.

Age: 5-6

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