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Our Program​


School readiness

School readiness is highly correlated to school achievement. Aims to prepare young children for kindergarten and will recreate a kindergarten setting. Children will learn to exercise various academic and life skills such as following group instructions, early math, phonological awareness, maintaining focus/attention, emotional regulation, and more.

Group Target: Age 4 - 7

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kids entrepreneur

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Macaron business

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Our class nurtures children's limitless imagination and creativity, guiding young entrepreneurs to achieve their big dreams by teaching essential money concepts, social conversation skills, perspective-taking, and more. Through the exciting project of creating a Macaron shop together, students will gain hands-on experience in business and collaboration.

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Group Target: Age 8 -10

Lego Club

Lego is a popular toy for children and is always seen at school, community, and in-home settings. Children usually communicate and interact during their play. Through this program, the interventionists will naturally apply the ABA behavioral modification strategies in the Lego activities.  

Group Target: Age 5-8 (Approx)

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Engages children in a fun and creative engineering challenge but also promotes teamwork, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. It can be adapted to suit different age groups and skill levels, making it a versatile STEM activity for kids.

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Group Target: Age 10-13


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