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One-to-One intervention 

help young children with ASD learn how to take the appropriate ‘actions’ in a group setting.


One-to-One intervention for children with autism is a specialized approach designed to address the unique needs and challenges faced by individuals on the autism spectrum. Autism, or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), is a neurodevelopmental condition characterized by a range of symptoms, including difficulties with communication, social interaction, repetitive behaviours, and restricted interests. These challenges can vary widely from one individual to another, which is why personalized, one-on-one interventions are often recommended.

One-to-one intervention for autism kids involves providing individualized support and therapy tailored to the specific needs and abilities of the child. This approach recognizes that every child with autism is unique and may require different strategies and techniques to achieve their developmental and behavioural goals.


  • On-site Behaviour Consultant oversight 

        There is an on-site BC daily at the centre to provide direct supervision

        and support to all staff members and parents.

  • Structured Environment
    Structured and controlled setting for therapy, reducing distractions

  • Social Interaction 
    Opportunities for social interaction with peers are readily available

  • Specialized Resources 
    Centers have a wide range of specialized resources including online educational platforms and equipment 

  • Routine and Consistency

       Consistent schedules and routines benefit individuals with autism


  • Comfort and Familiarity 
    This leads to greater comfort and reduced anxiety when children receive home therapy

  • Personalized
    Highly tailored to the individual's home setting for specific behaviours

  • Family Involvement
    Families directly involved in sessions lead to greater skill transfer to daily life

  • Convenience
    Eliminates the need for travel to a center, making it more convenient for families

  • Generalization
    Skills learned at home are more likely to generalize to real-life situations

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Who is suitable ?


  • Concerns about family privacy and security 

  • Limited educational resources at home

  • Parental work commitments

  • Children's urge to develop independence learning


  • Lives far away from Bridgekids 

  • Requires more family involvement 

  • Children get anxiety in unfamiliar environments 

  • Requires tailored program to family dynamics

*Please note that opting for both center-based and home-based programs typically results in higher costs,
as these two settings require different plans and goals.

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