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Our Story 

Bridge Kids BC was founded by Sally Yim, who began her career as a Behavior Interventionist two decades ago in 2002 while still an undergraduate student. In the years leading up to her BCBA certification in 2014, Sally faced numerous challenges while working in home settings.


These challenges included a lack of support from supervisors and colleagues, staff inconsistency, significant costs for families continuously training new staff members, and the difficulty in arranging social opportunities for the children she worked with.

To facilitate consistent playdate sessions, Sally even had to bring her daughters to work to help create social opportunities for her learners. However, she knew that this could only provide a temporary solution.

These experiences fueled Sally's desire to establish a dedicated space where children and staff could collaborate to address these challenges. In 2015, a serendipitous encounter occurred when Sally crossed paths with a Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP) who was also seeking an office for her private practice. This meeting led to the sharing of their first clinic in Richmond. Due to the increasing demand for their services, they eventually established their dedicated clinic.

Over the years, Bridge Kids has placed a strong emphasis on supporting its staff members, ensuring smooth transitions between staff, and minimizing additional costs for families related to hiring and transitions. BK has also developed an impressive average of 10 social group programs annually. Many children have successfully transitioned from one-on-one intervention to larger group settings.

Bridge Kids remains dedicated to creating evidence-based, social skills-focused programs that benefit both learners and their families. They are committed to continued growth, learning, and fostering a happier and stronger community alongside all their learners.

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