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YouTube Video Making Summer Camp

Social Emotion Development Class


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Social-Emotion Develoment 


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YouTube video creation


BKBC Coding Class

Course Description:

In this summer camp, your child will navigate solving and interpreting different social conflicts with peers through discussion, collaboration, script writing and presenting their solutions in short Youtube videos.

Learners in this summer camp will learn important concepts of social and emotional intelligence such as conversation etiquettes, friendships/relationships, planning get-togethers, using good sportsmanship, handling rejection, disagreement, being present at the moment and being flexible.

The final videos will not be shown in public unless permission and consent are given.

Covid Safety:


All children must check their temperature and wash their hands when they enter the room Children will be brought to wash their hands a number of times during each class. Children must stay home if they show symptoms of Covid.

Program Duration: August 30 - September 3


Sessions: 5 sessions in total


WHEN: Monday - Wednesday 3:50 pm - 6:15 pm

               Thursday & Friday 9:35 am - 12:00 noon

WHERE: Bridge Kids Centre

WHO: Children in Grade 3-7 who need to work on social skill and do not require 1:1 support.

Class size: 4-6 children

Cost: $830


Facilitated by: Eileen Lau (BCBA)

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