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Teen Enrichment Outing Program

(High School)

Dive into a world of excitement and growth with our specialized program designed exclusively for teens with autism. Get ready to embark on a journey that goes beyond their comfort zone, empowering them to conquer new horizons, build life skills, and make lifelong connections.

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What is about

Join our unique program designed for teens with autism, focusing on fostering independence, social confidence, and essential life skills. Participants will learn to navigate public transportation, budget effectively, and gain practical independence. Engaging in group activities will boost social confidence and communication abilities. Dining out with peers encourages connection and teaches dining etiquette. Teens will master the art of organizing and managing hangouts and nurturing leadership skills. Exploring the city together creates opportunities for discovery and personal growth. Our supportive team ensures individualized attention for a comfortable experience. Don't miss this chance to empower your teen with skills, confidence, and meaningful friendships.

Program Overview:

Fall Term: 4 outings, each spanning 2-4 hours

Total Hours: 12 hours across all outings

Group Size: 2-4 teens with autism per outing

Supervised by: Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA)

Group Target 

High School students

Group Size 2-4 teenagers

In-person Group Session 

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Class Schedule

[ Total : 3 Classes ]

Class Full

Course Fees

CAD 900/3 Outings

The program will be designed and facilitated by

a Board Certified Behaviour Consultant (BCBA) Henry Au and a senior behaviour interventionist

Teenagers in this program will learn how to…

Embrace the Adventure


Our Teen Autism Enrichment Program is tailored to provide you with not just outings, but genuine adventures that foster independence, boost social confidence, and celebrate your unique abilities. Leave behind the virtual world and step into a realm where real-life experiences await!

Journey to Independence

Uncover the thrill of mastering life skills that pave the way for greater independence. From confidently navigating public transportation to using ride-sharing services like Uber, you'll gain practical skills that empower you to confidently navigate the world. 


Dine and Connect


Experience the joy of dining out at local restaurants, where you'll learn social etiquette, budgeting skills, and the art of ordering your favorite meal. Your newfound confidence will extend beyond dining and enrich various aspects of your life.

Organize and Thrive

Learn to organize and manage hangouts with friends – a skill that opens doors to meaningful social interactions. Through guided activities, you'll discover the joy of planning and coordinating, enhancing your ability to create memorable experiences.

Explore with Friends

Forge connections with fellow program participants during exciting outings that celebrate your unique strengths. Experience the joy of shared adventures, strengthen friendships, and create a supportive circle that understands and celebrates you.

What's Included (and Not)

Our program fee covers expert guidance from a BCBA, personalized support throughout skill-building activities, and the opportunity to cultivate lasting friendships. Please kindly note that extra expenses such as admission fees, dining costs, and transportation are the responsibility of parents.

Join the Teen Autism Enrichment Program to embrace a world of possibilities tailored to your needs, aspirations, and unique journeys. Step beyond the familiar environment and embark on a transformative adventure that celebrates your individuality while equipping you with essential life skills.

Ready to take the plunge or have questions? Please reach out to us. Let's journey together toward a future filled with empowerment, growth, and boundless potential! 

For existing students, please directly register the program, click here

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