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Program Objective:

In the Mars program, we aim to foster social development in children with autism aged 6-8. The program focuses on enhancing conversational initiation and age-appropriate social skills. Furthermore, it is designed for those who thrive in one-to-one support and need to refine communication abilities within a group setting, provided they have met most of foundational social communication skills and basic group routine skills.

Program Structure: 


The program provides a supportive environment for children to strengthen various social skills. 

Activities emphasize:

  • Reciprocal and maintaining Conversation: Targeted exercises to encourage participants to initiate and sustain conversations.

  • Group Interaction: Facilitation of age-appropriate group activities to enhance collaboration and communication.

  • Social Skills Development: Tailored sessions addressing key skills for this age group, such as turn-taking, sharing, and expressing emotions.

  • Instructional Support: Building on students' ability to follow multi-step instructions while introducing more complex social scenarios.



Progress will be assessed through:

  • Conversational Initiation: Tracking improvements in the ability to initiate and sustain conversations within the group.

  • Group Participation: Observing engagement in group activities and the successful following of instructions.

  • Social Skill Acquisition: Evaluating advancements in age-appropriate social skills, including turn-taking, sharing, and expressing emotions.

  • Feedback: Regular input from caregivers and participants to refine the program and ensure tailored support for individual needs.


For Primary Kids


Class Size up to 7 kids
In-person Group Session 

Date & Time

Tuesday  5:00pm - 6:30 pm

*Starting from Apr 2 to Jun 30

Course Fees

CAD 1680 / 12 classes

additional to the 1:1 session fee.

The program will be designed and facilitated by

two Behaviour Consultants, Carly, Ramie

The program term payments must be paid in full for the entire term prior to the first day of the term.

The 1:1 BI session fee is paid monthly.

For existing students, please directly register the program, click here

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