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Age 3-5

Program Objectives:


Our program primarily focuses on preparing children for kindergarten readiness through targeted objectives. During our engaging 1-hour and 30-minute sessions each term, we create a conducive learning environment through circle times and group game activities. These sessions allow learners to interact in small groups, fostering the development of crucial skills essential for a successful school experience. The program aims to enhance children's ability to take turns, follow instructions, actively participate in class discussions, cultivate practical social teamwork skills, and engage in pre-academic skills, such as printing, phonic recognition and numeracy skills. We meticulously designed lesson plans are implemented to achieve these objectives. We also are offering a structured approach that familiarizes children with the routines of a typical classroom routine. By addressing these key objectives, our program is dedicated to supporting your child's social and behavioural growth in preparation for a successful transition to school.

Program Structure:

  • Circle Time

  • Group Activities

  • Pre-academic skills 


The program's success will be measured by observing improved social interactions, increased participation in group activities, and advancements in individualized learning goals. Regular assessments and feedback from educators, parents, and guardians will be utilized to gauge the overall progress of each participant. A report card will be given to parents by the end of the term.

This is suitable for you and your child if...

1. Your child needs to improve his/her social skills.

2. Your child is not yet following group instructions in school

3. Your child needs to learn school routines

4. Your child's teacher has raised concerns about your child's behaviour at school
5. You believe early intervention is important

6. Your child needs improvement on his/her pre-academic skills

Date & Time

*Starting from Jan 8 to Mar 15



Thursday  3:30 pm - 5:00 pm


For Preschoolers

Class Size up to 4-6 kids
In-person Group Session 

The program will be designed and facilitated by

Behaviour Consultant Assistant Daisy Zhou (Group 1)

and a Behaviour Consultant, Ramie An, (Group 2 )

Course Fees

CAD 1320 / 10 sessions

For existing students, please directly register the program, click here

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