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Why Early Is The New On Time?

In this video, Sally and Henry (Board Certified Behavior Consultants) will be your guidance to walk with you through this despair situation, showing the importance of being "Early is the new ON TIME"! Being “early IS the new on time” and I urge you to proactively consider these questions 1) Does your child look at you when you call his or her name?

2) Does your child smile back at you when you smile at him or her?

3) Does your child point to things he or she wants, and then looks at you to tell you what he or she wants?

4) Does your child imitate whatever body movements, sounds or words that you make?

5) Does your child show interest, or willing to try playing with different toys or activities?

If the answer is“ NO” to at least one of these questions for your child, do NOT wait. Schedule an appointment with your pediatrician as soon as possible and get you referred to an assessment psychiatrist for a possible diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Why is" early the new on time"?

1) The wait list for ASD diagnostic assessment is very long, often at 2 years or more.

2) The earlier your child starts ASD intervention services, the better the potential your child has in quickly learn foundational social, communication, and cognitive skills

3) The sooner your child starts ASD interventions, the earlier you likely would see successes, the more likely you would get out of the loop of denial! If you’re a parent with a child with Autism, we would like to hear from you your experiences on the initial part of the journey with Autism. Go to our YouTube Channel BKBC | Bridge Kids Behaviour Consulting to watch more Parenting Support Video! #autism #earlyintervetion #earlyintervention #autismawareness  #childrenonthespectrum #brighterfutures #bridgekidsbc #aba #ASD #autismspectrumdisorder #sallyyim #bkbc #autismsigns

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