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Playing with Play-Doh

Updated: Apr 4

Many of our learners enjoy playing with Play-Doh, but did you know that playing with Play-Doh isn't just fun—it's also a fantastic way to enhance different skills?

Fine Motor Skills

Sculpting: Encourage hand strength and coordination by sculpting shapes, animals, or letters with Play-Doh.

Cutting: Practice using scissors to cut through Play-Doh, promoting precision and dexterity.

Sensory Exploration

Sensory Play: Engage the senses through tactile exploration, incorporating different textures and scents of Play-Doh.

🎶 Calming Sensory Input: Utilize the soothing sensory input of Play-Doh to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety.

Social Skills

Turn-Taking: Foster social interaction and cooperation by taking turns with Play-Doh tools and sharing creations.

Collaboration: Encourage teamwork and communication by working together on collaborative Play-Doh projects.

Cognitive Development

Letter & Number Recognition: Use Play-Doh to form letters and numbers, reinforcing literacy and numeracy skills.

Counting & Sorting: Practice counting and sorting with Play-Doh manipulatives, promoting cognitive organization and problem-solving.

Next time your child is engaging in Play-Doh play, we can help facilitate the development of the above skills by guiding their play in meaningful ways! If you would like to learn more about the strategies for facilitating your child’s play, feel free to reach out to us!

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