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Theory of Mind Social Group


Photo by Alan De La Cruz on Unsplash

Theory of mind is an important social-cognitive skill that involves the ability to think about mental states, both your own and those of others. It encompasses the ability to attribute mental states, including emotions, desires, beliefs, and knowledge.

Not only does the theory of mind involve thinking, it also refers to the ability to understand that other people's thoughts and beliefs may be different from your own and to consider the factors that have led to those mental states. 

The emergence of a theory of mind is vital during the developmental process. Young children tend to be more egocentric and are often unable to think about the mental states of others. Forging a strong theory of mind plays an important role in our social worlds as we work to understand how people think, to predict their behaviour, to engage in social relationships, and to solve interpersonal conflicts.


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In this program, learners will:

  • Develop an important social cognitive skill

  • Develop a sense of what others are thinking

  • Form better decisions and responses

For children ages Grade 2 - Grade 4

Program: May 6th - July 8th, 2021 (10 classes)

Time: Thursday 4:15-5:30 pm (1.25 hours per session)

Cost: $975

Facilitator: Phyllis Yip (Behaviour Consultant)

Class Size: 4 children

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