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Spring  Program 2023

is now OPEN !

Register by March 5 to secure your spot

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Easter eggs .png

The Spring Term is coming, there will be a few group programs open at the center from March 27th to June 30th.
We want to formally invite you with some program suggestions tailored to your child's learning needs!

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Class Full !

Kids in Action

‘Kids in Action’ group designed to help young children with ASD learn how to take the appropriate ‘actions’ in a group setting. Action can include a lot of behaviours like sitting in a circle time, joining in a group table/floor activity, following the learning routines, etc.


The Sandbox Arcade for Teens

The Sandbox Arcade for Teens is a social club where pre-teens gather every week to play role-playing games and create their own board games away from the screen. Tabletop role-playing is an amazing activity, teaching creativity, problem-solving, collaboration, communication, and social skills.

Class Full ! 

Walkie Talkie

The ‘Walkie Talkie’ group assist your children in taking smaller, more manageable steps toward regular interactions. Early elementary learners will be using strategies to help them foster and maintain new friendships. 

1 spot left !

Fun Club for Intermediates

The purpose of ‘Fun Club for Intermediates‘ is to provide opportunities for the children who have knowledge of social skills to enhance their social experiences through activities, games, and experiential learning in a small group setting. 

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