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Group Programs 2019 - 2020

Preschool Readiness 


January 6 to June 29
Monday: 9:00am- 11:30am

Cost: $1575 (21 lessons)

-First payment: $750

(10 sessions)

January to March

-Second payment: $825

(11 sessions)


Program focus:
Preschool Readiness

Play Buddies Social Group 


September 9 to December 16
Monday: 4:45pm-6:15pm

Cost: $975 (13 sessions)

Program focus:
Social + Self-Regulation Skills

Literacy Group


September 5 to December 19

Thursday: 3:30pm-5:30pm

Cost: $1500 (15 sessions)

Program Focus: 

Literary Skills:

Reading, Writing/Printing, Verbal and Grammar

-*This program is perfect for preparing children for school readiness


Pretend Play Social Group


September 6 to December 13

Friday: 3:30-5:30pm

Cost: $1500 (15 sessions)

Program focus:

Social Language Skills: Through

Pretend Play and Props


Superhero Storytelling Club


September 7 to January 25

Saturday: 10:00am-11:45am

Cost: $1530 (17 sessions)

-Children will utilize their imagination and creative skills in developing, writing and presenting about their very own superhero

Music Class


September 7 to January 25

Saturday: 1:00pm- 2:30pm

Cost: $1275 (17 classes)

-Classes aim to develop children's coordination, motor skills, cognition, social play and emotional skills

All learners are required to register per term 

To register, parents will need to complete and submit the following forms: Registration form, Consent form & Emergency card, or register online.

BKBC learners:

For first time participants, their behaviour consultant will make a folder including the learners’ strengths, challenges and goals before the initial playdate, and a term report will be shared with parents. $120 individualized program fee will be charged.

For non-BKBC learners, the followings are required:

  • A 20 minute interview with one of our behaviour consultants

  • The most recent IEP from the learner’s home team

  • If the learner doesn’t have a home team then his/her school IEP is needed

  • Registration fee of $180 (This fee will cover the 30 minute interview/assessment with a BKBC behaviour consultant, student folder with an IEP and a report)



Why does a playdate session at the centre cost more than a playdate session at home?

Playdates at the centre will always have one senior BI or /and one behaviour consultant present on site. They will plan and adjust goals when needed and support each learner and BI throughout the session. In addition, playdates will be monitored by our BCBA or BCaBA.

Who will work with my child?

BKBC BIs and a senior staff (BCBA or BCaBA) will work with your child.


Can we drop-in without registering?

No, we do not accept drop-ins. Since we need to prepare and pair up children in advance based on their IEP goals and social skills’ level, we need all parents to commit to the playdates in order for us to provide quality service.


We are a non-BKBC family. Can we bring our own BI?

No, it is because our staff is trained to use the same teaching approach and data taking technique which might be different from those of your home team. Having our staff run the playdates will take up less training time than having a BI who has never worked in our teams before.

What will happen once I have registered in this playdate program?

Once you’ve enrolled your child in this playdate program, your consultant will work on the playdate folder which will include your child’s information  such as  likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses and IEP goals. The consultant will then match up your child with other learners who are working on similar goals or who are at a similar social skills’ level. You will then get a confirmation of your start date in the playdate program.

Do I pay by term?


Yes, once you have registered your child, BKBC will charge for the whole term at once or by instalments depending on the program. This is to secure the enrolment of learners.



There is no refund once a learner is registered.

You’re allowed to prorate a maximum of 2 sessions per 4 months term but this has to be indicated on the registration form.

If my child is sick and is unable to attend playdate, then what should I do?

Parents are responsible to contact the group facilitator about your child's absence.

More questions?

If you have further questions about the any of the programs, please do not hesitate to contact Sally Yim or your behavior consultant.

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