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Preschool Readiness Group

Program Term: From January 12, 2020 to June 28, 2020


Day of the Week: Sunday

(No Class on: Feb 16, April 12, May 17)


Time: 10am-11:30am                               


Cost: $1650 (22 lessons)


-First payment: $825 (11 sessions) for January to March

-Second payment: $825 (11 sessions) for April-June


Program Focus: Preschool Readiness

Class size: Max 4 Children


Monitored by:

             Behaviour Consultant:

            Phyllis Yip, BA


            Senior Behaviour Interventionist

            Hillery Huang, BSc

Program Description:

In this program, learners will be preparing for preschool readiness. Interacting in small groups, children will be able to practice taking turns, following instructions, participating in class discussion and improve social teamwork skills. ​Lesson plans will be created to enhance the practice of these skills and to help children to get used to the routine of a school day.

The program term payments must be paid in full for the entire term prior to the first day of the term. The program fee can be prorated for a maximum of 2 classes. Parents will need to let Sally know during registration about the day(s) that your child will be missing in order to receive the prorated rate. There is no refund after registration.

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