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"Affective understanding and perspective taking have a crucial role in having a positive relationship with others." (Christoper, S., & Selvaraj., A., 2022) Kids Entrepreneurs help young entrepreneurs achieve their big dreams by teaching them money concepts, social conversation skills, perspective-taking, and more. Through this program, the interventionists will naturally apply the ABA behavioral modification strategies in the activities. 

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This program is for your child if he/she ...

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  • likes to work on his/her own but needs to practice teamwork building because, during the first half of the program, the children will follow the teacher's instruction to build the foundation of their products or services. In the second half of the program, they will work together to create one product together.

  • needs to practice compromising with others

  • needs to practice sharing ideas 

  • is working on perspective taking 

  • is not yet familiar with money concepts

Program Goal​s

  • Build teamwork skills

  • Encourage children to think critically

  • Help children explore and discover personal strengths and areas of development

  • Build confidence

  • Help children set goals and meet those goals

  • Encourage children to come up with solutions when facing problems.

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Date & Time

Thursday  9:30 am - 12:00 noon

[ Total : 8 Classes ]

*Starting from July 6 to August 24 


Group Target

Age 7-9

Class Size up to 5-6 kids
In-person Group Session 
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Lesson 1

  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Lesson 2

  • Discover Your Passion

Lesson 3

  • Creating a Product or Service

Lesson 4

  • Marketing and Branding Basics

Lesson 5

  • Money Matters

Lesson 6

  • Sales Strategies

Lesson 7

  • Problem-Solving and Adaptability

Lesson 8

  • Presenting Your Business!!

The program will be designed and facilitated by

a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst,

Abbie Chan along with a Behaviour Consultant Assistant Hillery Huang

Course Fees

CAD 1250 / 8 classes


Christopher, S., & Selvaraj, A. (2022). Social Conversation Skills in Children with Autism with Special Reference to Affective Understanding and Perspective Taking. Journal of Positive School Psychology, 6(2), 4251-4257

Heagle, A.I., & Rehfeldt, R. A. (2006). Teaching perspective-taking skills to typically developing children through derived relational responding.Journal of Early and Intensive Behavior Intervention, 3(1), 1–34.

Questions?  Please contact Clinical Director, Sally Yim at

Register by the end of June to secure your spot !

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