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Kids in Action - SPRING 2022 Program (Full)

During the Summer Camp 2021, we have learned that the pandemic has had a significantly negative impact on the social skills of many learners with ASD regardless of their age. Therefore, it is our faith to keep up with helping learners with ASD in building up the missing social blocks.


Kids in Action’ group will be designed to help young children with ASD learn how to take the appropriate ‘actions’ in a group setting. Action can include a lot of behaviours like sitting in a circle time, joining in a group table activity, following the learning routines, etc.


The session structure will have three different routines: Circle time, Individual learning time, and group activity/game time. In the individual learning time, each learner will have the mission board to complete for individualized tasks at the learner’s appropriate level. The group activity/game time will consist of a variety of activities such as experiments, team artworks, role play, interactive books, teacher’s instructions, physical group games, and social stories.


Children in this program will learn how to…

●  Take care of their own belongings independently

●  Stay in the circle time

●  Follow teacher’s instructions as a group

●  Collaborate with friends

●  Wait for the turn

●  Pretend play with peers

●  Self-regulation during the physical/or other preferred activity

●  Take smooth transition between the activities

●  Initiate and maintain the peer interactions

●  Learn the cognitive/academic skills that are required in the learner’s age-appropriate level

The program will be designed and facilitated by 2 Behaviour Consultants (BCs); a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA), Roslie Hong and a Behavior Consultant on RASP (Registry of Autism Service Providers), Phyllis Yip along with one additional Behaviour Interventionist


Photo by CDC on Unsplash

Meeting time: Thursday 3:45-5:45 PM

Start date: April 7 to Jun 9, 2022

For: Pre K-gr. 1

Class Size: 6-8 children

Deliverable: In-Person Group Session

Cost: $1110/10 classes

Children who require 1:1 support need to hire a BI for this program and the BI fee is $750.

Questions? Please contact Clinical Director, Sally Yim at

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