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Individual Parent Training Sessions

Day / Time: Please talk to Sally or your Behaviour Interventionist/ Consultant if you are interested in arranging a session

Cost: To be determined 

Facilitators: To be determined

Parent Training Session Description

In our individual parent workshops, parents will have the opportunity to learn a variety of transferable skills and knowledge applicable to many different situations and environments with their child. Some of these skills and knowledge including:

  • How to understand your child’s behaviours in understanding what they are actually trying to convey to you

  • How to become a more confident parent

  • How to strengthen your relationship with your child

    • How to create opportunities to encourage your child to exchange conversation with you

    • How to play and interact with your child using toys and books

  • How to help your child build independence in their daily life activities

  • How to help your child arrange playdates with other kids to improve social skills and play

  • How to help parents understand the social goals and barriers that their child may face daily

  • How to help increase your child’s social awareness

  • How to keep your child calm in challenging situations such as using techniques that would enable your child to better self-regulate their bodies and enhance attention

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