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Goal Oriented Short Term Program

Each Program Includes the Following

1. Parent Meeting / Introductions

2. 1-hour Behaviour Consultant assessment

3. Child-Specific Behavioural Plan

4. Behaviour Consultant sessions: 10  Direct Hours

    (I.e: Five 2-hour sessions)

5. Parent Training and Coaching
    (Of the 10 hours, parents will be required to attend 2/5 sessions)

6. Written report - Progress, Suggestions and Follow-up Plan

Program Term: 10 Direct Hours with assigned Behaviour Consultant


Day & Time: Flexible                           


Cost: $1600

Program Focus: Individual Goals of Child

I.e: Sibling Relationship, Sportsmanship, Emotional Control, Sustained attention, Task Initiation, Planning/ Prioritization, Organization, Time Management, Others

Ages: Children ages 6+

Program Description:


This program is perfect for children with Autism ages 6+ with limited funding and time looking for guidance and support on working on individual goals. In this short program, parents will receive coaching and their child will attend 1:1 behaviour intervention sessions with their assigned BC.

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