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Program Objectives:


The Venus Social Group program is designed to support and train elementary school children in cultivating essential social skills.

Children in this program will learn how to…


  • Understand perspectives of the other during group interactions

  • Advocating for themselves

  • Understand different social conflicts

  • Initiate and build peer relationships

  • Understand the size of the problems

  • Identify the reaction/solution to the problems

  • Understand other's non-verbal communication cues and react to them appropriately

  • Give comments or opinions without hurting others' feeling

  • Work as a team with another peer or with the whole class


Venus Social Group represents a crucial step in social development, offering a supportive and enriching environment where elementary school children can thrive. The program aims to empower participants with the social skills needed for successful interactions and collaboration within a group setting through a balanced blend of structured learning, individualized support, and dynamic group activities.

Program Structures:

  • Group Activities

  • Group Discussion

  • Individualized Support 


The assessment framework for the Venus Social Group is designed to offer a comprehensive understanding of students' social development. Facilitators will employ various strategies, beginning with regular observations during group activities to evaluate the application of learned social skills, such as following group instructions and engaging in reciprocal play. Quantifiable data will be collected to track progress on individualized and common learning goals, providing tangible insights into participants' social growth. Continuous communication among facilitators, educators, and team members will foster a collaborative understanding of each participant's development. Additionally, a report card will be provided to parents after each term, summarizing individual achievements and progress towards set goals and highlighting areas for continued focus. This multi-dimensional measurement approach ensures a thorough and nuanced assessment, empowering facilitators and parents with valuable insights into the social development journey of each participant in the Venus Social Group.

Date & Time

Saturday  1:00pm - 3:00 pm

*Starting from Apr 2 to Jun 30

Spring Program 2024

NEW!! Fall Program 2024

*Starting from Sep 9 to Dec 27

Monday  5:00pm - 6:30 pm

No Class on Sep 30 - Truth and Reconciliation
No Class on Oct 14 - Thanksgiving Day
No Class on Nov 11 - Remembrance Day

For Primary Advanced

Gr. 2-4

Class Size up to 6 kids
In-person Group Session 

The program will be designed and facilitated by

Behaviour Consultant, Kenny (BCBA), and Behaviour Consultant Assistant, Daisy 

Course Fees

[Spring Program] CAD 1820/ 13 classes 

[Fall Program] CAD 1680/ 12 classes

For existing students, please directly register the program, click here

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