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Program Objectives:


The Earth Social Group is the highest level of the primary groups. It aims to empower elementary school children's essential social skills to successfully engage in conversations, peer play, and group problem-solving. Our objective is to guide students in developing proficiency in behaviours such as maintaining reciprocal conversations, handling criticism, addressing teasing and bullying, promoting sharing, and respecting others' interests. The program seeks to establish common learning goals that enhance social skills within the group setting. We aim to foster advanced social concepts by utilizing social stories, role-playing, video modelling, natural environment play, and the Everyday Speech curriculums. Individualized support is provided through personalized goals, addressing each learner's unique challenges. The program also incorporates dynamic group activities, including games, projects, and reciprocal conversations, which serve as platforms for practical application, ensuring participants not only learn but confidently apply these crucial social skills in real-life scenarios. The Earth Social Group is dedicated to cultivating socially adept and confident young individuals equipped with the skills necessary for successful social interactions at the highest level of the primary groups.

Learners will learn

Perspective Understanding:

  • Engage in activities that foster an understanding of different perspectives.

  • Utilize diverse scenarios and role-playing to encourage empathy.


  • Develop the ability to speak up for oneself in various social situations.

  • Practice expressing thoughts and needs assertively.

Social Conflict Resolution

  • Explore and understand different social conflicts that may arise.

  • Implement problem-solving strategies through role-playing and real-life scenarios.

Peer Relationship Building

  • Facilitate opportunities for participants to initiate and build peer relationships.

  • Incorporate group activities and projects that encourage collaboration and teamwork.

Size of Problems

  • Enhance the understanding of the size of problems, differentiating between small and big issues.

  • Use real-life examples and interactive discussions to illustrate problem sizes.

Problem Reaction/Solution Identification

  • Teach the process of identifying reactions and solutions to various problems.

  • Engage participants in critical thinking exercises and group discussions.

Non-Verbal Communication

  • Explore and understand non-verbal communication cues.

  • Practice appropriate reactions to non-verbal cues through interactive exercises.

Constructive Comments and Opinions

  • Foster the ability to give comments or opinions without hurting others' feelings.

  • Use guided discussions and role-playing scenarios to develop tactful communication.

Teamwork Skills

  • Provide opportunities for participants to work in pairs or teams.

  • Incorporate collaborative activities, projects, and group games to promote teamwork.

Program Structure:

  • Group Activities

  • Group Learning Time

  • Pair Up Time


The measurement for the Earth Social Group is designed to assess the development of essential social skills in participants holistically. Through observational assessments, the program evaluates understanding of different perspectives during role-playing and group discussions. Communication assessments gauge the progress of self-advocacy and constructive communication skills, while problem-solving exercises assess conflict resolution and problem-solving awareness. Social interaction assessments focus on initiating and growing peer relationships during group activities. Non-verbal communication proficiency is evaluated through structured exercises, and tactful communication assessments measure the ability to express opinions without causing harm. Finally, teamwork evaluation assesses the development of collaborative skills through group projects, games, and activities. This multifaceted approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of each participant's social growth within the Earth Social Group. A report will be given to parents by the end of the term.

Date & Time

Spring Term 2024

*Starting from Apr 2 to Jun 30

Wed 3:45pm - 5:45 pm

NEW!! Fall Term 2024

*Starting from Sep 9 to Dec 14

Sat 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


For Intermediate

Gr. 3-5

Each Class Size up to 7 kids
In-person Group Session 

The program will be designed and facilitated by

two Behaviour Consultants, Dasiy, Kenny

Course Fees

[Spring Term] CAD 1680 / 12 classes

[Fall Term] CAD 1820 / 13 classes

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