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Spring Registrations Open February 8th, 2022

Spring Programs will be continuing Fall program:
"Preschool Readiness" and "Pre-teen Sunday Group"

and introducing two new programs:
"Spring Camp" and "Lego Mindstorm"


Preschool Readiness Group Spring 2022 (Full)

In this program, learners will be preparing for preschool readiness. Interacting in small groups, children will be able to practice taking turns, following instructions, participating in class discussion, and improving social teamwork skills. ​​Lesson plans will be created to enhance the practice of these skills and to help children to get used to the routine of a school day.​

The program will be monitored by Behaviour Consultant, BCBA, Roslie Hong, led by an Early Childhood Educator and a Jr. Behaviour Consultant, Alisa Ip, and an additional Behaviour Interventionist. 

Program Term: From April 7 to June 9, 2022 (10 sessions)


Meeting time: Every Thursday

Time: 1 - 3 pm (2 hours)    

Class Size: 4-6 children               


Cost (does not include one-to-one support): $1000

*For children who require 1:1 support need to hire

a BI for this program and the BI fee is $ $32-42/hr.


Program Focus: Preschool Readiness

The program term payments must be paid in full for the entire term prior to the first day of the term. The 1:1 BI support fee is paid monthly.

Questions? Please contact Clinical Director, Sally Yim at

Pre-teen Social Skills Bootcamp 

In this Bootcamp, the group will practice perspective-taking skills, problem-solving skills and socially appropriate conversational techniques through role-play with their peers. In addition, the group will learn about time management skills and emotional regulation skills. 

The program will be designed and facilitated by Behaviour Consultants (BC); Eileen Lau, M.Sc., BCBA, and Senior Behaviour Interventionist, Mack Wong.

Program Term: 10 Sundays from April 3 - June 19 except April 17 and May 22  (Easter and Victoria Day Sunday)

Meeting Time: Every Sunday from 10:00am - 12:00pm 

For Ages: 9- 12
Class size: 4-6

Deliverable: in-person sessions

Cost: $850

Questions? Please contact Clinical Director, Sally Yim at

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