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Fall Registrations NOW OPEN!

Fall 2022 Programs
"Kids in Action", "Walkie Talkie" 
"Preteen & Intermediate Fun Clubs" & Playdates!

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Kids in Action - Fall 2022 Program

We have learned that the pandemic has had a significantly negative impact on the social skills of many learners with ASD regardless of their age. Therefore, it is our faith to keep up with helping learners with ASD in building up the missing social blocks.


‘Kids in Action’ group will be designed to help young children with ASD learn how to take the appropriate ‘actions’ in a group setting. Action can include a lot of behaviours like sitting in a circle time, joining in a group table/floor activity, following the learning routines, etc.


The session structure will have different routines including social circle time, group activity, art&craft, the individual learning time, and learning circle time. In the social circle time, the learners will learn different social skills with the social stories, scenarios, media, and the Kahoot.  In the individual learning time, each learner will have the mission board to complete for individualized tasks at the learner’s appropriate level for the early literacy and numerical skills. The group activity time will consist of a variety of activities such as experiments, team artworks, interactive books, group game, and so on. The learning circle may be included for the common learning goals for all learners; the possible goals can be the basic phonics or the different cognitive terms. 


Children in this program will learn how to…

●  Take care of their own belongings

●  Stay seated in the circle time

●  Follow teacher’s instructions as a group

●  Collaborate with friends

●  Wait for the turn and take one’s turn independently

●  Play gently together with the peers

●  Self-regulation during the physical/or other preferred activity

●  Take smooth transition between the activities

●  Follow group routines with the age appropriate level

●  Initiate and maintain the peer interactions

●  Learn the cognitive/academic skills that are required in the learner’s age-appropriate level

The program will be designed and facilitated by a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA), Roslie Hong along with a Behaviour Interventionist.


Meeting time: Thursday 3:45-5:45

Start date: Oct 6th - Dec 15th 

For: Pre K-gr. 1

Class Size: up to 7 kids

Deliverable: In-Person Group Session

Cost: $1800/11 classes

Children who require 1:1 support need to hire a BI for this program. Please contact us for details. 

The program term payments must be paid in full for the entire term prior to the first day of the term. 

Questions? Please contact Clinical Director, Sally Yim at

Walkie Talkie - Fall 2022

The ‘Walkie Talkie’ group is designed to assist your child in taking smaller, more manageable steps toward regular interactions. Early elementary learners will be using strategies to help them foster and maintain new friendships. Students will understand the different social conflicts across settings and how to solve them.  


The delivery models includes but not limited to: learning circle, role-play, scenario analysis, board/group games, escape rooms, and so on. 

Behavior Support Strategies like such as visual supports, demonstrations, and positive feedback with reinforcements will be put in place to ensure a positive learning environment and outcome.

Children in this program will learn how to…

  • Understand the different perspective of others

  • Speak up for themselves

  • Understand the different social conflicts

  • Initiate and build peer relationships

  • Understand the size of the problems

  • Identify the reaction/solution to the problems

  • Understand other’s non-verbal communication cues and react to them appropriately

  • Give comments or opinions without hurting others’ feelings

  • Work as a pair/team

The program will be designed and facilitated by a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA), Roslie Hong.


Meeting time: Wednesday 3:45- 5:45

Start date: Oct 5th-Dec 14 

For: Grade 2-3

Class Size: 4-6children

Deliverable: In-Person Group Session

Cost: $1540/11 classes

The program term payments must be paid in full for the entire term prior to the first day of the term. 

Questions? Please contact Clinical Director, Sally Yim at

The Sandbox Arcade for Teens - Fall 2022


Meeting Time: 10am-12pm noon

Day: Sunday 

Start date: September 11th - December 11 (No class on October 9th and November 13th) 


For: Gr. 6-9

Class size 5-8

Deliverable: In-Person Group Session

Cost: $1280/12 classes

This is a social club where pre-teens gather every week to play role-playing games and create their own board games away from the screen. Tabletop role-playing is an amazing activity, teaching creativity, problem-solving, collaboration, communication, and social skills.  By playing different roles, the learners will also learn about perspective-taking and problem-solving skills as the adventure develops. 


Fun Club for Intermediates- Fall 2022


Meeting Time:  *Changed* Friday 3:45-5:45 pm 

Start date: September 9th - December 9 (No class on October 7th and November 11th)

For: Gr. 4-7

Class size 5-8 

Deliverable: In-Person Group Session

Cost: 1280/12 classes


This program is for children who have conversational skills, are able to remain in a designated area, and attend to group instructions without one on one support from an adult.  The purpose of the group is to provide opportunities for the children who have knowledge of social skills to enhance their social experiences through activities, games, and experiential learning in a small group setting. 

The goals for this group will be drawn from the following social skill areas based on the Club members’ learning needs:

Social Awareness - learning who is around me, and how do I act in the group.

Social Communication – responding to and initiating social invitations

Social Interactions – initiating and maintaining play activities, learning reciprocity in interactions, and how to respond to bullies and complicated social situations.

Social Learning - learning to learn from others, what are my peers doing?

Social Relatedness - tolerating peer presence, fostering interest and engagement


Taubman, M.T., Leaf, R.B., McEachin, J., & Driscoll, M. (2011). Crafting connections: Contemporary applied behavior analysis for enriching the social lives of persons with autism spectrum disorder. New York, NY: DRL Books.


Green. S.E. (2010). Don't Pick On Me. Help for Kids to Stand Up to  & Deal with Bullies. Oakland. CA: Instant Help Books.


Playdate Programs


Playdates are a great way to improve the social and play skills of learners. If you are interested in arranging a playdate arrangement, please contact Sally or your BI teams. For questions or inquiries, please contact Sally at

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