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School Readiness Summer Camp

This program is designed for learners preparing to enter kindergarten. The program emulates school activities and curriculum in a small group setting. This provides a high level of support for children to interact and learn new skills with guidance. Our aim is to provide a bridge between having intensive one on one behavioral intervention and attending school full time. Every class children will have the opportunity to learn through group and individual activities, independent work activities, and small group social activities. Learning experiences are modified  based on kindergarten curriculum in science, math, language and art activities. 


Level 1 will be instructed by Roslie Hong, Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA), and all children will receive one-to-one support by their behaviour interventionist.

Level 2 will be supervised by Roslie Hong, Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA), receive instruction from Phyllis Yip, RASP B BC and will be supported by a behaviour interventionist. 

Through this program, your child will benefit from learning or improving in the following areas:

- paying attention and following group instructions

- waiting for their turn in various situation

- working independently and within a group

- transitioning 

- self- regulating in a group setting

- playing and engaging in social interactions with peers

- learning to plan, organize and complete tasks independently 

For: children who are in preschool or entering Kindergarten this September and do not require 1:1 support

Level 1: From July 5th to August 23rd

Meeting Time 1:  Monday, 9:30pm - 12:oopm  

Class Size: 3-4 (for children who require 1:1 support)

Cost: $1170 (8 sessions per program) + $900 for 1:1 support

* $585 (4 sessions/monthly installment) + $450 for 1:1 support

Level 2: From July 6th to August 24th

Meeting Time 2:  Tuesday, 9:30am - 12:00pm  

Class Size: 5-6 (for children who do NOT require 1:1 support)

Cost: $1170 (8 sessions per program)

* $585 (4 sessions/monthly installment)



Covid Safety:

Children will be given a snack time and only 2 children will be sharing one big table or sitting at his/her own desk. All children must check their temperature and wash their hands when they enter the room Children will be brought to wash their hands a number of times during each class. Children must stay home if they show symptoms of Covid.

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