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Parent Training Workshops


Monday and Wednesday

For English, September 25 & 27, 2017

For Chinese, September 18 & 20, 2017  

Time: 9:30-11:30 AM

1. Behaviour 101 (Part 1) - Functions

This workshop will discuss how to approach challenging behaviours that your child might face. Challenging behaviours serve a function. In order to successfully decrease a challenging behaviour and replace it with a more appropriate skill, we need to understand the behaviour in question and what a child is trying to communicate. Parents who attend this workshop will leave with information and strategies that will help them address behaviours across many settings and situations.

2. Behaviour 101 (Part 2) - Be a confident parent

This workshop will provide parents with information and strategies to help them become more confident when challenging behaviours arise across many settings and situations.  Parents will leave this workshop with more confidence in their ability to handle challenging situations with their child in different and many settings.


For 2 workshops: $120/ family of 2 adults

Drop-in: $80/person/workshop

Please note that a minimum of 5 families is required for each workshop. For more information, please contact Sally. 

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