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Parent Coaching Sessions


Involves: Parent, Child, Behaviour Interventionist/Consultant

Day / Time: You may set your own schedule with your BC.

Coaching Session Description

In this Parent Coaching program, parents will sit down with their child and their assigned Behaviour interventionist/Consultant and together discuss and work on goals and challenges that they would like to address and work on. These workshops will be individualized and more personal in regards to each different case. Common goals are:

  • Improving communication between parents and child, or child with other peers

  • Improving child independence

  • Improving child self-regulation and emotional skills

Cost: $140/hour

Special: 10% off when you purchase a package of 5 sessions.

Pay online by credit cards: Click here

Using the Autism Funding: Contact us

Interested in a self-paced online parent training course? Click here.

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