Coding and Gaming Summer Camp


Photo by Robo Wunerkin on Unsplash

Course Description:

In this camp, your child will learn coding with Mr. Norman Tang during the first hour of class. This coding class is for children who already have the basic knowledge of coding. Learners will be diving deeper into Scratch and learning new coding concepts. Their logical thinking and imagination will be put to use as they learn to code their own various games and animations. The second half of the class will focus on social-emotional development through games and it will be taught by Eileen Lau (BCBA).


  • If-Else Logic

  • Loops

  • Difference between And vs Or

  • XY - Coordinates

  • Scratch (advanced level)

  • Enhance students' coding concepts

  • Encourage students' logical thinking and imagination

  • Students will create their own games and animations

  • Taught by Norman Tang

  • Supervised by Eileen Lau (BCBA)

Social Skills:

  • Students will play various group games during the second half of each class

  • Taught by Eileen Lau (BCBA)

Program Duration: July 5th - Aug 9th

Sessions: 6 sessions

When: Monday, 1:00-3:00 pm

Where: Bridge Kids Centre

For: Learners in grade 4-7

Class size: 5-6 children

Coding teaching: Norman Tang

Behaviour Consultant: Eileen Lau (BCBA)

Cost $830