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Bridge For Kids - Fall 2021 Program

‘Bridge for kids’ group is designed to help young children with ASD be motivated to participate in the group through a lot of fun activities. Children with ASD who lack experiences with peers often have difficulties being around peers, concentrating in group setting, and sharing with peers. Therefore, this program will focus on building ‘bridges’ for kids to move from a 1:1 learning intervention setting to a group one.


The delivery methods of the group will be varied;  these include but are not limited to experiments, art, social stories, interactive books, physical activities, music time, visual supports, and positive feedback with reinforcements individually or as a group.

Children in this program will learn how to…

●  Stay in the group/circle time

●  Follow teacher’s instructions as a group

●  Share from non-preferred materials to preferred toys with peers

●  Take smooth transitions between the activities

●  Wait for the turn

●  Functional play with peers

The program will be designed and facilitated by 2 Behaviour Consultants (BCs); a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA), Roslie Hong and a Behavior Consultant on RASP (Registry of Autism Service Providers), Phyllis Yip along with one additional Behaviour Interventionist

Questions? Please contact Clinical Director, Sally Yim at


Photo by Alan Rodriguez on Unsplash

Meeting time:  Thursday 3:45- 5:45

Start date: October 14 - December 16

For: pre k – gr. 1

Class Size: 5 - 6 children

Deliverable: In Person Group Session

Cost: $1500/10 classes

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